The World Is Changing.

We become more connected through technology, but also more distant because we miss the human connection and digital misunderstandings such as "fake news". 

In Conntix we aim to improve the way we communicate online by immersing the art of mediation into digital tools and platforms.

Conntix - Connecting People Through Technology and Innovation, is a consulting agency that offers services to businesses, governments and to non-profits about effective communication and conflict management. We believe that to influence in a chaotic world, we must utilize all three dimensions: the human brain, digital platforms and physical spaces .


3D Approach



Deconstructing people-people communication down to perceptions, emotions and behaviors and employing the
art of mediation to achieve understanding and cooperation.

Applying technological tools and platforms such as social media, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to improve and facilitate communication processes.

Addressing the design and function of objects from a multicultural perspective to maximize a cooperative-integrative user experience.



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Communicating in a hybrid world

How did technology change the way communication is performed?


What should be a structure of an effective video conference?

How can we use digital platforms for negotiation and conflict management?

Learn the answers for these questions and others in our workshops



Arik Segal

Arik Segal

Founder and CEO

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Arik Segal is a mediator and a lecturer who specializes in the application of advanced technologies in innovative dialogue structures.


Dr. Beatrice Hasler

Dr. Beatrice Hasler

Researcher and VR Expert

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Béatrice Hasler Lev-Tov (Ph.D, University of Zurich) is a Senior Lecturer in the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.


Shay Thieberg

Social Media Expert

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Shay Thieberg is a social media and digital marketing manager who specializes in content creation, reputation management, and the psychology behind storytelling.


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